Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder

Formula 3

Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder

An easy way to boost your protein intake.

• Formula 3 - Personalised Protein Powder is high in soy and whey protein
• Conatins 5grams of protein per serving
• Simply add to your favourite Formula 1 shake to personalise your protein intake

Protein is essential component of every cell in the body.
It’s a macronutrient made of 22 ‘building blocks’ called amino acids bonded together to form protein’s structure. Proteins have different functions in the body, including contributing to a growth in muscle mass and contributing to the maintenance of muscle and normal bones. Proteins from foods like soy and dairy are termed ‘complete’ proteins because they contain a balance of all the essential amino acids (or building blocks) for the growth and maintenance of muscle.

One level tablespoon of powder (6 g) supplies 5 g of protein. Take one to four servings daily. Formula 3 can be added to your Herbalife Formula 1 shake or stirred into other foods such as sauces, soups and gravies.

Enjoy this product within a balanced and varied diet, as part of a healthy active lifestyle.

Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder
240 g canister #0242

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