I always dreamt of travelling the world

with Herbalife this dream became a reality.
Antionette and Christo Watkins
Antionette and Christo Watkins

Christo and I are married and live in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

We were fortunate to have been introduced to Herbalife’s amazing opportunity in 2005. We started with the products and got amazing results!

In Oct 2012 my team members started to grow as I implemented our plan of action, teaching every new member what I was doing. In just 2 months I was able to increase my customer base by working actively with Wellness Profiles and very strong on referral base. In our team we also do Body Transformation Challenges together with the Corporate Level 10 Challenge. We also have 3 Wellness Centres in our team in 3 different cities. We run fitclubs and have weekly events (Fitness Marathon’s, Pamper Parties, Wellness Days and Customer & Team Building days). I also implemented a weekly team training/meeting and started to build close relationships (especially with my first 3 lines), but interact with Members in all our levels. We are incredibly proud of them when they start climbing the ladder and qualify for vacations! Two years later, we are now blessed with an incredible team of leaders who take responsibility for the growth of their businesses’, duplicating the process into their teams.

I always dreamt of travelling the world, and with Herbalife this dream became a reality. We travelled to Greece and Barcelona for international Extravaganzas and also to Monte Carlo last year which was another incredible experience! We also qualified for vacations to Greece and this year we went on the incredible Mediterranean boat cruise in May (with two of our members also qualified) and took the opportunity to spend 4 days in Paris, which is a 30-year dream come true!

As new Millionaire Team Members, we were also treated to a special 3-day recognition visit to London. We spent quality time with guest speaker, International Chairman’s Club, 30K, Lana Goldenblank & Oleg Neshto, who delivered an incredible leadership training and Q&A, alongside some ‘behind the scenes‘ presentations from EMEA executives. Our experience also included tours of the EMEA regional offices, special gifts and an unforgettable recognition dinner at one of London’s most famous landmark - London Tower Bridge! At the end of November, we will be off to Geneva …

Our beautiful daughter is also active in the business; having the freedom to work around her precious children. We have made incredible friends within our customer base, our team and other Herbalife members which to us, is priceless!

Thank you, Herbalife!
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